image Body Hair Regime…Or You Can Grab My Ankles

I’m only shaving my ankles this winter. I’m not shaving the entire length of my leg until at least June.

(Entre-nous, I haven’t shaved the entire length of my leg since High School swim team and this June will come and go without a leg hairless in its entirety this year and every year after  until I die.)

I will keep my pubic hair in check. If it gets too long I pull on it which is probably saying too much but I do it. I don’t like it, but I do it anyway. I run my fingers through it and pull.  Again I do not like the feeling, but I pull on it and that’s why I keep it trimmed. The bikini line is more free range, border-wise. Who cares? These days we’re all wearing granny panties and boyshorts everyday instead of thongs. I dig it. I’m with it. Look at me. I’m keeping up with the times.

Speaking of keeping up with the times, I stopped shaving my armpits and I LOVE it. I feel like Patti Smith. Having pit hair makes me feel punk rock and powerful and really feminine.

It’s liberating and I invite you to try it.

Do you go downtown for sushi?

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